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we are on a mission to make the internet a better place.

You've probably noticed, there's advertising everywhere. That's not changing. But, we can change how great the ads are.

As a platform gets older, the number of ads tends to increase and the quality of ads tends to decrease. There's a reason TV and radio have been totally replaced by streaming, and we don't want to see the internet come to that same fate.

So, Lavendr builds creative digital experiences by pairing high-quality content with smart and strategic distribution channels to create integrated brand experiences across the internet that are both effective for our client, and enjoyable for the customer.

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our team.

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  • Joshua Romero

    Content Director

    Talk to me about getting things done.

  • Noah Brooks

    Director of Business Development

    Talk to me about jobs & partnerships.

  • Mason Martinez

    Director of New Business

    Talk to me to get started.

  • Edwin Reyes

    Creative Director

    Talk to me about making cool work.

  • Maya Holt

    Lead Photographer

    Talk to me about your pictures.

  • Coal

    Happiness Director

    Talk to me about anything!!!

our services.

  • Video

    We make videos for people who like videos. In other words, they're really good!

  • Web Design

    We make websites with people in mind. Because that's who uses them.

  • Social Media

    All the cool kids are doing it, you should too! That's the real reason!

  • Social Ads

    Track KPI's, convert efficiently, and grow quickly with hyper-targeted ads.

  • Whiteboard

    We perfected the whiteboard explainer with custom art on live & digital boards.

  • Photography

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, ours must be at least two thousand!

  • Graphic Design

    Logos, icons, page templates, memes, business cards, just about anything!

  • Copywriting

    At the end of the day, everything starts with some writing. So that writing better be good!

  • Animation

    Tell a story with stop-motion, or spice up videos with animated elements.

  • Search Ads

    Get web traffic by showing up at the top of Google (and the not-Googles).

  • Email Marketing

    We all love a good newsletter. Good thing we can make them good!

  • Account Management

    Doing business together shouldn't just feel like invoice-pay-invoice-pay.